Extraordinary Wellness Reiki is an energy healing practice that offers individual Reiki treatments combined with Daoist Stone Medicine modalities, aromatherapy (Essential Oils)  and Guided Deep Relaxation. On our treatment table we use the HealthyLine’s natural Amethyst & Tourmaline Mat technology which generates heat, far infrared rays and negative ions, a combination scientifically linked to lower levels of stress, anxiety and pain.

Our sessions are designed to activate your natural Self-Healing potential in all levels of being: physical, mental and spiritual. When our self-healing capacity is active we are able to make life choices with clarity, overcome stress without the distress and we come to realize that Wellbeing is our Birthright.

If you feel hurt by past or present experiences, if you feel stuck in emotional pain and stress, if you just want to boost your self healing power after a taxing work or life demanding period, Extraordinary Wellness is here to support you. I thank you for choosing Extraordinary Wellness for your wellness care.

“We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home.” ― Ram Dass

To Heal Thy Self